About Our Staff

Clinical Services Department
Director, David Bruno

Our Clinical Services Department work directly with the physicians, nurses and staff at the 43 hospitals CDT serves.  When a patient is referred to CDT, our organ procurement coordinators partner with the hospital staff throughout the case, from evaluation and medical management to coordinating with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and transplant centers on organ placement.

Hospital, Community and Family Services
Interim Director, Andrew Sigond

Hospital, Community and Family Services work to educate the staff at each of our partner hospitals as well as the larger community about the lifesaving gifts of organ and tissue donation.  Our specialists in this department can work with hospital and community partners to attend events or organize presentations to educate any audience on organ and tissue donation.

Our family services coordinators work directly with donor families during and after the donation process.  For more information on our Family Services Department, visit their page here.

Director, Martin Benoit

Our IT, Finance and Administrative professionals ensure that our office runs smoothly.  This team helps to facilitate all that we do at CDT, from ensuring our clinical staff have access to the technology they need to perform their job to overseeing budgets and communication about CDT events and programs and, most importantly, interacting with all of the people we serve at CDT from donor families and volunteers to hospital and community partners.

Director, Karin Rebehn

Our Quality department works diligently to ensure that all of CDT’s policies, procedures, forms and data collection are up to date and accurate.  Through a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program, this department helps to make sure CDT never stops growing and improving our services.