Board of Directors

Governing Board Members

  • Aisha Tator, Governing Board Chair,  Executive Director, New York Alliance for Donation
  • David Conti, MD, Chairman, Department of Surgery, Albany Medical Center
  • Carlos Marroquin, MD, FACS; Chief, Transplant Surgery,UVM Medical Center
  • Michael Dailey, MD, Director of Pre-Hospital Care and Education; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Albany Medical Center
  • Isabelle Desjardins, MD, Chief Medical Officer, UVM Medical
  • Dennis McKenna, MD, Albany Medical Center Emergency Medical Group
  • Michael Scollins, MD, Recipient Family Member, Vermont
  • Wesley Merritt, MBA Donor Father, Principal Consultant, IT ISG
  • Kristin Kirk Meehan, Vice-President Regional Operations Leader, Key Bank
  • Donna Sickler, BSN RN, MV Health System

Advisory Board Members

  • Donna Anderson, RN, Bassett Medical Center
  • Susan Baron, Volunteer, Donor Family Member
  • Scott Brehault, MD
  • Julia Cannizzaro, Volunteer, Living Donor
  • Jean Colaneri, ACNP-BC, Albany Medical Center
  • Amy Hahn, PhD, Transplant Immunology Laboratory
  • Maryann Handron, MEd, Volunteer, Recipient Family Member
  • Gina Picarillo, MSN, RN, CPN, Transplant Recipient, Albany
  • Jaime Pineda, MD, FACS, University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Toni Nash, MSN, RN, United Health Services, Inc.
  • Lisa West, MSN, RN, Site Administrator, Malta Med Emergent Care
  • Jack Simeone, PhD