Donor Families


We, at CDT, recognize the difficult journey that families who consent to donation often endure. Thus, CDT has a newly implemented Donor Family Services department that has been established to provide families with comprehensive and on-going grief support. Our Family Services Coordinators are specially trained in counseling and social work to work with families and provide them with the right amount of support they need both during and after the donation process.

Family Services Coordinators’ relationships with families begin at the hospital.  During this time, Family Services Coordinators allow families time to discuss their questions, thoughts, and feelings regarding the donation process.  Family Services Coordinators strive to make the donation process as predictable as possible by serving as a liaison between the family and the clinical team to help answer any questions they may have throughout the process.  Family Services Coordinators also strive to make the donation process as meaningful and supportive as possible by providing grief support materials along with helping to connect families to pastoral care and social work staff available at the hospital.

The aftercare services that the Family Services Coordinators provide include assistance with writing to recipients, help in finding appropriate grief support resources in one’s community, advice regarding grief and bereavement literature, answering questions regarding donation and recipient update requests, and providing assistance and information on how to become involved at CDT.

It is remarkable to be able to work with families who display such compassion during a very trying time in their life.  It is our hope that we can help make each families’ experience as meaningful as possible.  Please take the time to read more about the services we offer in the links provided below.  We welcome you to contact our Family Services Coordinators should you have any questions, concerns, or simply need to talk to someone.

Links to learn more about Donor Family Services: