CDT Family Support Network
Facebook Page

butterfly2CDT has implemented the CDT Family Support Network, a Facebook group that has been created for the purpose of connecting donor families to one another and to provide all interested donor families with a community of grief support and a trusted avenue to share their thoughts, stories, and feelings.

Our Family Services Coordinators are designated administrators of the group who hope that families will be inspired to share stories about their loved one, ask for advice and support from the community, along with providing hope and support to others’ grief journeys.  The Family Services Coordinators also regularly post conversation starters that will serve to help families reflect and remember their loved one in a positive way.  Information about events and updates at CDT will also be posted on a regular basis.

Join the CDT Family Support Network Facebook Group: Disclaimer and Consent Form

To request an invitation to join this group, please read the below disclaimer and fill out and submit the form below.  After submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to finalize your membership.

Download Disclaimer PDF