Healthcare Professionals


FAQs for Healthcare Professionals:

Q: When do I need to call CDT?

A: CDT should be called in the following circumstances:

  1. Within 60 minutes of cardiac death so that patient can be evaluated for tissue donation.
  2. When a vented patient has one of the following:
    1. Severe neurological injury
    2. A Glasgow Coma Score (GCS) of 5 or less
    3. Is absent 3 or more brainstem reflexes
  3. If your patient meets any of the above criteria, please call the Donor Referral Number: 1-800-803-6667

Q: Who discusses donation options with my patient’s family or legal next of kin?

A: CDT staff are the only people who should discuss donation with a patient’s family or next of kin.  Our staff are specially trained to talk about donation in a caring and sensitive manner with families so that the nurses and doctors on the care team can focus on the patient.


Q: What if a family member of a patient brings donation up to me?

A: As more people become educated about organ and tissue donation, this situation can arise often.  Simply tell the family you have a specialist that you can call to answer any donation questions, and that you will get them.  If there is not a CDT person on site already, we can speak to the family over the phone.