Jonathan F. Pratt

jonathan-pratt-2-218x230We write to you about a beautiful human being our son Jonathan F. Pratt who gave huge in life.  His wish to give of himself as a tissue donor was one we as his parents carried through after his death.  Jon was a pedestrian who was run down by a hit and run driver on drugs and alcohol. This driver was a felon who was let out of jail the day before killing our son Jonathan.

This loss has had a profound effect on our Family and Friends. Jon, giving the gift of life to someone else after his passing has lifted our hearts knowing many other people are being helped.  We find this deeply meaningful and with so much pride that this was Jon’s wish.

Our amazing son giving of himself, even after he could not give his heart and love anymore in this life.

His writing’s continue on after him. We have published his book “The Purpose and Love Manifesto”.

This book of philosophy is another contribution he has made to the world.

We continue to know him, Love him and relate to him as an amazing giving man.

The following poem was written by his mother Constance D. Pratt.

‘Jon Beside Me’

Healing is Handed

My Hand Outstretched

I Enfold Pebble

In My Palm

With his Love around

My pebble

It is my

Precious Son’s Hand

giving me this gift

Of Healing Love

“I Still Hurt”

The pebble with the word “Healing” on it, was purchased by Jon in a store at Cape May Point 2012 while on vacation and given to his mother Constance.

(as told by Constance and James Pratt)