paquin-k-9202012-218x230Kathryn Paquin

Kathy, as most people called her, was a very kind and loveable person. One of her favorite things to do was bake. She wouldbake stuff for her family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Everyone loved her baked goods. She loved taking four wheeler rides, picking berries, playing cards and visiting with family and friends.

She loved working with and helping people. She did what she could while she was alive. The last two years of her life were hard. She had symptoms of general things which made it difficult for doctors to diagnosis. Some things never changed about her during this time. She still loved to be with her family, and friends. Although she was not at work she kept in contact with her co-workers. People were still important to her. She hoped that someone would be saved by her passing. Someone was saved as the recipient says a family was saved. A mother just like mine.

As her daughter, I whole heartedly supported her decision, but to tell the truth it was very difficult process to go through. We had wonderful doctors, nurses and staff to work with. Threw all the decisions and waiting I kept reminding myself this was her wishes. A few months later every painful decision and the hours of waiting were absolutely worth it. We received a letter from the person that she had saved. Losing a loved one is difficult but knowing some part of that loved one lives on is reassuring.