kelly-jpg-218x230Kelly Gruber

Kelly and his wife had just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in June, when Kelly suffered a stroke while traveling for business. He was a hard worker, had a great love for the outdoors, and enjoyed time spent on Sunday mornings with his friends and two boys talking about their hunting stories. He enjoyed any time that he could spend hunting deer and turkey, and he had the biggest smile on his face (and tear in his eye) when his boys would have a successful hunt. He was very excited to turkey hunt and always said it was the thrill of “calling one in.” He loved his morning rides to see any wildlife he could find, spending time with his friends and family on the lake, and 4-wheeling up to the woods with his boys.

Many will miss his funny stories around the campfire and his unique personality. Kelly was the youngest of 10 children, but his friends and family called him the “Supervisor,” always the one standing back directing a project. Kelly was a great father and husband, and always wanted the best for his family. He would help anyone who needed it! His family is very proud that Kelly was able to leave this incredible legacy… now, he is the “whisper in the wind.”