mike_l-218x230Michael Luchini

Michael was an avid sports fan, enjoyed watching baseball, especially the New York Yankees, which was a big rivalry among other family members, as many are Red Sox fans. He treasured time with his family and was proud to be an Uncle to two loving nephews. He enjoyed playing cribbage, cards and board games – especially Boggle, the family favorite.

After battling OCD for 30+ years, the family takes comfort in knowing Mike is at peace. “God saw you getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So he put His Arms around you and whispered Come to Me.”

The family is proud to know Michael gave life to someone in dire need, the most selfless act a human can offer. With this, the family believes a piece of our son/brother lives on, making the pain of such loss a bit more tolerable.

In Michael’s name, the family continues to stay involved in the OCD Foundation. Knowing they can no longer help him, they look to help educate others on OCD and to let others know, there is help for those who suffer. The family took part in the Annual OCD National Conference in 2010, where Michael was honored and where two art-therapy rooms were dedicated in his name. The family was also asked to represent the ‘family segment’ during the OCD Awareness Week in Boston, MA. A personal, honest and heart wrenching story was told by Michael’s mother. The story recounted the years of his suffering and what it was like living with someone having such a debilitating disorder. The story was heard by nearly 1,000 people across the U.S., moving the local audience to a standing ovation where many tears were shed.

Michael Stephen Luchini
April 11, 1966 – April 28, 2009